untitled 2008

untitled 2008
pastel on bristle paper

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Years Past the Trip to Reno.....

Reno, Pastel on Bristol Paper, 2012

It has been awhile since I posted anything about my artwork. I am not use to explaining and or giving further explanation about my art in written form. I do however miss the in class critiquing process.

I choose the title of the picture from the trip to Reno that inspired the lady figure in this picture. Below is the sketch I did while in Reno.  

The figure was in the stone counter area in the hotel room I was staying in. The stone counter in the room had blotches and flecks of greys. While glancing at it my mind likes to forms shapes out of the patterns. Similar to finding shapes in the clouds. Once I identify a shape I don't normally see it again. With this I kept seeing the face and decided I would just sketch it out.

Several years later I was looking through my sketch book to find something new to draw and I came across this face and decided I should use it. The page before the face I came across the sketch below.

Something about this sketch made me want to add parts of it to the woman's face. This sketch came out of just drawing line until things/items took shape.

The end results is a mixture of sketches with a new interpenetration.

Writing this out just reminds me how much a person can change. I use to hate sketch books and did not see the point. I took a class in Italy where we were forced to keep one. I had no idea what to do or how I was going to accomish the grade requirement for the class. I however found away to make it work for me by documenting my travels and small things that caught me eye. After starting to use a sketch book it still took me several years to reproduce or use anything I put into the book.