untitled 2008

untitled 2008
pastel on bristle paper

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

30 Day Sketch Challenge- Days 13 through 18

 Day 13
On the bus and wanted to do something where the movement would not matter as much. Pointillism works well. After I showed this to someone they said it needed one red dot.Well it turned into three different sketches after that comment.

Day 14
Light and shadows are very appealing to draw. Over all I was just drawing until I came up with this. I used a few different brushed to obtain the look in the drapes 

 Day 15
On this day I started to sketch but then didn't find the time to finish until the next day. This is the first day that this has happen but I am glad that i was able to still finish what I started. Before I finished it was just a red blob with lines around it.

 Day 16
After going to the dentist, numbing agent making me feel odd and lack of sleep I sketched this while waiting for the caffeine to kick in.
 Day 17
Okay lack of motivation on this day. Or at least that is what it seems like to me looking back at a sketch of lines. I do enjoy looking at it but I know it isn't my normal style.
 Day 18
On this day I thought I wouldn't do much but then these figures came out. This didn't take too long to finished but I did find myself going back to add a little here and there.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 7 through Day 12 of the sketch challenge. 

Day 7
As the days go on I find that I enjoy just sketching, however finding the time I truly want to spend can be lacking. Over all I have to remind myself that something doesn't need to be completed in a sketch. If it is good it is more for me to go back to someday to finish. 

Day 8
On this day I decided to stop a get a beverage before heading home. While at it also see if I could quickly sketch out something in the environment I was in. It has been a while since I have made myself work on a still life and also do it in under 20 minutes so I wouldn't miss my bus. I found myself quickly placing the important items needed so I could finish it from memory later that day. Downside of the art app I am using is that I wish I was able to find a better copper color for the background. Given cooper reflective quality is hard to obtain in a no-metal material but I think I could have played around with it a little more.....

Day 9
The day before I found myself just drawing lines on a piece of note paper earlier in the day. Not try to see a figure but going back and giving the few lines details while making something that looked appealing to me. I took that idea and focused just on the lines. 

Day 10
Didn't think I would have any time to sketch anything but that is because I baked and baked some more. Hopefully soon I will have a new recipe to share. But back to the sketch. After baking I found some time to sit down and draw. I truly didn't feel like it but was able to allow myself to focus on this for 20 or so minutes. 

Day 11
Felt again hard to commit to sketching but felt like doing something that might seem tedious to some and somehow relaxing for me. 

Day 12
I love color as one can tell from my sketches and each day I chose a color by what ever one jumps out at me first. Green it happen to be and the more and more green there was the more I liked and disliked it. Also used one of the pen brushes to complete the whole sketch. Which the result of the pen brush gave the sketch texture which again for me is a thing I love and hate. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

30 Day Sketch Challenge

I know it has been a long while since I last posted on this blog. For the next 30 days I am going to challenge myself to sketch in my phone and to post every 5 to 6 days no matter what I think the quality of the sketch is over all. Here are Days 1-6. 

Day 1

Traffic was bad and allowed me time to sit on the bus and sketch. The movement on the bus made it difficult at times to draw but made me decide that I need to draw more. That I should not care if it is just a sketch or a finished piece of work. Just need to create. To carry my sketch book around can become difficult so I will be using a sketch program on my phone while challenging myself to sketch for the next 30 days straight. 

Day 2

Like most days I just place lines on the screen until I see something come from it. Today I used used the pencil brush, erasers brushes with radius and opacity changes along with color changes. 

Day 3

This day I didn't think I would have time to sketch. Decided to use environment I was in to sketch a pomegranate flower. Change in light means I had to sketch quicker but also realized on a really sunny day even with adjusting the light on the phone screen it became difficult to view the color wheel. Outside in full sun this would of been easier without using my phone to sketch. Also I added a light blue background to this but when ever I download the picture it won't show the background color. For the background color I didn't use the layer option.

Day 4
Was send a post-it with a stick figure one day. Took the general color and  the female figure from the post-it and add a little from there. First day that I used the page layers option in the sketch program.

Day 5

I used the layer pages and started to use the other brushes to see how this can use these options better. 


Day 6
Starting to like the pencil and the small brushes that are on the sketch app. This one I started earlier in the day and finished at later on.