untitled 2008

untitled 2008
pastel on bristle paper

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

30 Day Sketch Challenge

I know it has been a long while since I last posted on this blog. For the next 30 days I am going to challenge myself to sketch in my phone and to post every 5 to 6 days no matter what I think the quality of the sketch is over all. Here are Days 1-6. 

Day 1

Traffic was bad and allowed me time to sit on the bus and sketch. The movement on the bus made it difficult at times to draw but made me decide that I need to draw more. That I should not care if it is just a sketch or a finished piece of work. Just need to create. To carry my sketch book around can become difficult so I will be using a sketch program on my phone while challenging myself to sketch for the next 30 days straight. 

Day 2

Like most days I just place lines on the screen until I see something come from it. Today I used used the pencil brush, erasers brushes with radius and opacity changes along with color changes. 

Day 3

This day I didn't think I would have time to sketch. Decided to use environment I was in to sketch a pomegranate flower. Change in light means I had to sketch quicker but also realized on a really sunny day even with adjusting the light on the phone screen it became difficult to view the color wheel. Outside in full sun this would of been easier without using my phone to sketch. Also I added a light blue background to this but when ever I download the picture it won't show the background color. For the background color I didn't use the layer option.

Day 4
Was send a post-it with a stick figure one day. Took the general color and  the female figure from the post-it and add a little from there. First day that I used the page layers option in the sketch program.

Day 5

I used the layer pages and started to use the other brushes to see how this can use these options better. 


Day 6
Starting to like the pencil and the small brushes that are on the sketch app. This one I started earlier in the day and finished at later on.

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