untitled 2008

untitled 2008
pastel on bristle paper

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Why I am starting a blog

I have never been good with words and promoting myself. Through the years I have found art my medium and have a BA in Fine Arts. Since graduating from college I have found it harder and harder to spend time on what I enjoy doing. Some things here and there for friends and family weddings but due to the lack of time it seemed like I was not doing much. This last year I was asked by close friends to help them paint the finishing touches to their baby’s room.
My first mural was to add to the decals that they received from their baby shower. It was small for a mural but never the less it was a fun opportunity. First time to paint on the wall and the whole time I could here the voices of parents everywhere telling their kids “No!!! You don’t paint pictures on the wall!!!” I guess that is because I still remember getting in trouble with coloring on the bathroom wall with crayons at my parent’s house.
From this one mural I have painted two other murals and I really like the experience. I have decided it is time to get with the times and start a blog of my past and future artwork and murals. 

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