untitled 2008

untitled 2008
pastel on bristle paper

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

art,cooking and the computer

Creativity comes in many forms. I do enjoy producing fine art but I find I have more time to cook, cook and cook. More and more I find myself in the kitchen making something, which by all means, I don't need to eat but I enjoy to make. Many items taken into work just so I don't have it tempting me.
I created this blog to post artwork and mural so I can get my name seen. Well as the few people following me can tell I am bad at updating my blog. Maybe it is a lack of wanting to get on the computer especially after being on it all day at work. I am changing the blog's header to give me more freedom. I have a feeling that you will benefit for the many recipes I have yet to make.

The  picture below is when I decided I wanted to decorate eggs. Went out shopping for the egg dye I came across egg paints. I thought it would be fun but had no idea I would put so much into creating something special on the eggs. I was told after the fact I should of drained the egg before painting them. Well all I have to say now is why didn't you tell me before I painted the eggs. You must have known I would of gone over board before I even knew. 

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